In the Unitrade catalogue, you will find all the precise details you need to help you identify your Canadian stamps, as well as all the characteristics of different stamp varieties. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Originally we operated under the name Austin Stamp Company, helping customers build great stamp collections throughout these years. Run Searches and any reports across your entire world stamp collection. When an expected shipment of the stamps went missing, an emergency run was produced as a stop-gap measure. Delivery Worldwide: Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics: DPReview . Source stamp photo. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! One of the most expansive postage stamp identifiers on the market today.

The British Guiana 1c Magenta is the most valuable rare stamp in the world. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Type III. Canada. . What we generically refer to as "Russian stamps" is actually referring to a number of different political entities. It has been thoroughly revised and updated with more than 500 new listings and stamp photographs. All images are digitally marked for identification with unremovable markings detectable by us. Stamps in use until 1956. Worldwide Stamp Identifier. Brief History/Summary This postage stamp identifier was created because of the many changes in the world in relation to postage stamps since the various similar reference works by other . 600 published entries (and 72 entries waiting for finishing touches). Identify stamps using the LignUp stamp search (sold seperately) with it's stamp image database of 800,000+ stamps.

The PDF files are formatted for 10 x 11.5 paper, If desired, pages can be resized by downloading and editing the AlbumEasy source file. The header for this American Philatelic Society flyer promoting Quick I.D. . My worldwide collection has got 117,913 stamps. May 1, 2021, 5 PM 1-heller "SO 1920" overprinted Hradcany Castle provisional stamp Scott 1. Foreign stamps are our specialty. It was compiled from 10 different.

Within each list, the stamps are listed in Scott order. 1920" overprinted Eagle provisional stamp . Easy to use world stamps catalogue including stamps values. Identify stamps using the LignUp stamp search (sold seperately) with it's stamp image database of 800,000+ stamps. It strives to promote the fun and fascination of worldwide stamp collecting to young and old alike, and has an active outreach program serving youth, their leaders and and stamp collectors of all ages and experience levels. American Philatelic Society stamp identifier makes a collector's life easier. Or connect with a local APS Stamp Club or APS Dealer member near you.

New Stamps added constantly. If there is any specific information you need then please let us know using our feedback form. To begin, select the type of search you would like to perform below. Find the text or symbol on your stamp in the list below. $ 1,500. 11741 comments (0 waiting for approval) 23 Premium subscribers. Latvia stamps have been uploaded on Dec.22,2020. A. The Greek alphabet is one of the world's . The world of stamp collecting can be complex, confusing, but extremely lucrative. 1890 12 pence = 1 shilling; 20 shillings = 1 pound. (overprint on stamps of Russia): Far Eastern Republic (1923). LignUp Stamp Search is your magic solution for identifying and determining the value of your stamp collecti. See for Yourself why EzStamp is truly the #1 World Stamp Inventory Software to manage your stamps. . There are many things to consider, including the best place to obtain a stamp appraisal and the easiest way to identify rare stamps. Cyrillic or Greek script are fairly easily identified as well. World Stamp Company offers a full line of stamps and covers from the Antarctic Area to the United States. EMAIL OR CALL US TODAY 1-910-295-2048 (DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL) My wishlist Worldwide shipping Safe shopping . sources. World Stamps Jun 15, 2022, 12 PM 1922 British protectorate stamp is scarce and hard to find . The APS offers a Stamp Identifier for sale at our "Publications Shop" or visit the Worldwide Stamp Identifier site. Loreen Brockman. World Stamps Stamp Identifier: 1920 Eastern Silesia. Helping World Collector Any stamp colleting .

Experts support. Whether you are a seasoned philatelist or a beginner, our Stamp Recognition Software will make identifying most stamps simple & fast. Yemen stamps have been uploaded on Mar.23, 2017. Worldwide Identifier Click on the country name to find your stamp. In particular, our most popular country stamps are British Commonwealth stamps, French stamps, and German stamps. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. Obviously, the 6-volume Scott catalogue is a necessary catalogue if you collect world stamps. [Donna O'Keefe; Rick Miller;] Home. World's largest philatelic group for beginners, intermediate and advanced worldwide stamp collectors. In the event that you download software from the site, the software, including any files, images incorporated in or generated by the software, and data accompanying the software (collectively, the "Software"), are licensed to you by USID.

Greek, Cyrillic and Hindi alphabets are found in the second . SRS is a huge time saver. For our 150th anniversary celebration in 2018, each volume of the worldwide Scott Standard Postage Stamp . Stop spending your time on stamps identification! [1] 2. Features include 75,000+ listings of stamps from USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, UN & more, with hi-res images, indexed by the industry-standard SCOTT numbering system. Stamp Identifier uses advanced image recognition technology to find that stamp and provide you more details about it, courtesy of, a social network for worldwide collectors which has the world's largest online stamp catalog. Gift card ; My Account . Order today. The intent is to give hobbyists a convenient way to quickly lookup a stamp in hand based upon the stamp markings and characteristics. Author: Replies: 8 / Views: 1,288 : ccool. F FACTAJ: Romania FEDERATED MALAY STATES: Malaysia DEDERATION DU MAIL: Mali FEDERATION OF MALAYA: Malaysia FELDPOST: Germany FILLER: Hungary FILIPAS, FILIPINAS: Philippines Click on one of the letters below to go to the countries that begin with that letter. Sudan stamps have been uploaded on Feb.13,2017. StampManage Stamp Collecting Software v.2010 Use StampManage software to catalog and value your stamp collection. As the previous and current years have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the auction houses have been forced to conduct . Whether you are an experienced collector, a stamp beginner, or have inherited a collection, the possibilities can be overwhelming. It was compiled by Les Winick and others of the Arthur Salm Foundation, 1029 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL . Hygrade Universe World-Wide Stamp Album (Features: Spaces for over 3000 stamps from 150 countries of the world, over 900 lifelike illustrations of easy-to-get stamps, Blank spaces provided for new issues, stamp collector's dictionary, stamp identifier, world map, collecting tips) Paperback - January 1, 1986 We pride ourselves in carrying a wide and varied stock of the world. Harris BNA stamp catalog and the Brookman stamp price guide catalog provide current market values of stamps and are essential for correct identification of stamps when buying, selling, or trading. If the issuing country uses the Latin alphabet, identification of the stamp is fairly simple. It was compiled by Les Winick and others of the Arthur Salm Foundation, 1029 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL .

Forthe stamps of Pakistan I want to know the year of issue and the Scott number if possible . And it's easy to use. Contact | LET US HELP YOU FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. - The largest, regularly growing stamp database (0.8 Millions stamps and growing) on the web! 350,500 + hi-res images to help identify your stamps + over 700,000 valuations. In order to view more detailed country and era specific statistics you have to sign-in or subscribe. Worldwide Stamp To Identify ( Again) To participate in the forum you must log in or register. and let you know when it has been completed.

Add our amazing Stamp Recognition Software (SRS) to identify your stamp from an image, even one from your phone. Easy as 1-2-3: Load your image, Start the Search & add it to the EzStamp Inventory when found. . They are the Russian Empire, up to 1917, the period of the Russian Civil War, from 1917-1922, the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR) from 1917-1922, the Union of . The second edition of the popular Linns Stamp Identifier is now available! Canada Stamp Albums United States Stamp Albums World Stamp Albums . 1951 100 cents = 1 West Indian dollar. On this page are stamps inscribed using writing systems that do not fit neatly into the other categories of the illustrated identifier. Some stamps - Ryukyu Islands, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others - are printed entirely in Oriental or Arabic characters and cannot be indexed the same way. You want the stamp to have an overall balanced, neat look. The world of stamp collecting can be complex, confusing, but extremely lucrative. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! These stamps include those that have no country name written on them, and those where the country name is inscribed using a non-Latin writing script. This is one of the most comprehensive postage stamp identifier on the market today. The first United States stamps were issued imperforate and were printed by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, from stock dies held by the firm.

Values for Type III are for at least 2mm break in each outer line. Compare this with any other stamp related tools on the market. If you have items you need help identifying, consider one of the other identification services mentioned below. Scan multiple stamps & let SRS identify each one for you to inventory in EzStamp. The number one helper in the stamp identification! Enjoy the rewarding hobby of stamp collecting on line with US and Foreign postage stamps and supplies. Kenmore Stamp Company has been pleasing collectors for over 80 years. Stamp catalog : Countries List. In 1856, The British Guiana (now the independent nation of Guyana) post office issued the initial run of 1c magenta stamps for use in newspaper circulation. Special thanks to Dick Sine and the WebZine Publishing Group for this list of bogus issues. EMAIL OR CALL US TODAY 1-910-295-2048 (DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL) My wishlist Worldwide shipping Safe shopping . Foreign Stamp Identifier. Examples with wider breaks command higher prices; those with smaller breaks sell for much less. Stamp collecting as a hobby attracts an estimated 5,000,000 collectors in the United States and millions more worldwide. We will update the stamp identifier pages with the requested information as soon as possible. . I need some help again tpo identify some stamps ! Used (on cover) $ 200. Forthe stamps of Pakistan I want to know the year of issue and the Scott number if possible . With LignUp, you will enjoy: - Fast stamp identification just 1-2 minutes. Advanced filtering by multiple parameters. Unitrade Postage Stamp Identifier. FDC Used City $ 4,100. Linn's Stamp Identifier. link to Supplies Kenmore World Stamp Album category Kenmore World Stamp Album; link to Supplies US Albums category US Albums; . . To identify these stamps, see the illustrated section at the end of the regular listings. Contact Arpin Philately for other available catalogues. Five Ruble Denomination Stamp issued in 1906. . Formerly Basutoland a British Commonwealth country. Catalogs (Printed) - Printed stamp catalogs of the world. We have now provided full search capability for our ISWSC World Wide Stamp Identifier. Includes an alphabetical listing of more than 2,000 inscriptions and over 500 large and incredibly clear stamp illustrations that enable you to locate the identity of the most difficult issues. Description. Catalogs exist to help in this way. This is a live search (meaning it searchs while you type) it will take a while to search through the 3000 + entries we have. Flexible keyword search. Saudi Arabia stamps have been uploaded on Mar.31,2017. Live Search The Database. Get the inside scoop on how to distinguish valuable U.S. postage stamps from the common varieties with our U.S. When searching for stamp data to identify a stamp the application includes image recognition, scan in an image of your stamp follow the instructions and the application will search its image database for matching images, then allow you to use the data from a match to search the main database. The more centered the stamp is inside the white perforation border, the better. . It contains 3000 hard-to-identify stamps (2000+ of which currently have images).